Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Hill of Life

Life is like a wheelchair on a hill. As you travel up the hill, sometimes you slip and slide down the hill some. Make sure you grab those wheels again and keep heading up the hill at a steady pace. Sometimes you can speed up and at other times you are going at a snails pace. Never give up and never surrender. Eventually you will reach the top and look back and see your accomplishment. Recently my journey up the hill at Labette Community College came to the pinnacle. Looking back down the hill, I see the times I slid back on the hill, sometimes I wheeled at a slow pace. Yes I even had moments where the extra motivation moved me along rather quickly. This journey up the hill has not been easy. At times I wanted to really quit. However taking this photo today proved to me that all hills can be conquered. Now life takes me to the Hill that is Benedictine College. 

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